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10+ years building software, first as a PM, then as a developer since 2015. I've worked on dozens of Rails projects, large and small, both with a team and as a solo developer.

Being a freelance contractor since the very beginning rewarded me with a unique opportunity to work with businesses from a really diverse set of industries like e-commerce, real estate, trucking, pet relocation 🐶✈️, agriculture, fashion, beauty & wellness, to name just a few.

This experience has also shaped me into a Rails generalist, who's good enough at multiple things but doesn't directly fit in standard specializations at corporations and large startups. So I mostly work with SMEs and early stage startups, where wearing multiple hats is common, sometimes even a necessity. And I love it.

If I still have to name one thing I enjoy doing, it would be working on frontend in Rails environment. And I don't mean taking a framework like React and sticking it into a Rails project. I genuinely enjoy working with Rails partials and helpers. I am now really excited about Hotwire. Already used it in a couple projects and I can only say I want to use it more!