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Senior Software Engineer | Ruby On Rails | Golang | Fullstack Developer | Devops

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I'm an accomplished software engineer with an expansive background spanning over eight years, dedicated to devising innovative solutions that enrich people's lives. My expertise revolves around optimizing processes, amplifying efficiency, and untangling complex problems within web development, focusing on Ruby on Rails, GoLang, Next.js, and JavaScript.

My journey in software development has empowered me to shepherd intricate projects from conception to realization. Proficient in technologies such as Kubernetes, AWS, and Docker, I specialize in crafting and deploying scalable solutions, leveraging a robust foundation in software development.

My project portfolio spans diverse sectors, including healthcare, ecommerce, fleet and car rental management, telecom, oil & propane, and insurance. This breadth of experience has honed my adaptability, enabling me to excel in diverse project landscapes.

Presently, I'm immersed in backend engineering for a dynamic fleet management system. My toolkit encompasses languages like Ruby, Golang, and Next.js, enabling me to engineer seamless user experiences.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I relentlessly seek avenues to expand my skill set and remain abreast of cutting-edge technologies. My goal is to channel my expertise into effecting tangible and positive changes in the world.

Skills: Proficient in Ruby on Rails, Go, SQL, NoSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and well-versed in front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, React, and Next.js.