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Software development expert with 20+ years of experience, including team management.

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Built and designed several Rails applications since 2008. Some example clients where I've contributed to their commercial platform:

BraveWriter - A homeschool grammar and English literature classroom forum with annual sales of > $1M. Built an integrated ecommerce support for processing semester registration.

Anddit - A non-profit portal for connecting people in need underwritten by a biopharmaceutical company. Original site design and architecture.

Spoonflower - The original print-on-demand for fabric enterprise. Trained (refactoring, TDD) and consulted for the engineering team, as well as migrated the original Rails infrastructure through several versions.

RedHat - contributed as a member of the Katello plugin (, a Rails engine for Foreman server management application as a Senior Software Developer at RedHat. This included both active development as an individual contributor, but also reviewing and managing contributions from the open source community.

I recently built a JIRA plugin for schedule forecasting Kanban teams, written of course in Rails! This plugin does simple date estimations to help teams realize the velocity of their Kanban board.

I've had experience as both an individual contributor as as a team manager/lead.