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Senior Full-Stack / DevOps Engineer with Leadership Experience

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Hello! I’ve been a professional Software Engineer for 10+ years and started working with Rails in 2014. I have a lot of experience working for early stage startups and wearing many hats.

Most recently, as the first full-time employee and VP of Engineering, I was instrumental in the growth of a startup to over $10M ARR in 5 years with an engineering team of two. This led to an acquisition where I served as the point of contact for the technical due diligence process.

I’m detail-oriented and value pragmatism, communication, and simplicity. I’m currently open to part-time consulting opportunities.

How I can help (a non-inclusive list):

  • Architecture review & planning
  • Performance monitoring & improvements
  • Technical interviews & evaluation
  • Ruby on Rails & Database performance
  • Code review
  • Code refactoring with recorded Loom videos to show why
  • Feature specification & development

Please reach out if you’re interested in working together!