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Developer with 15+ years of experience ranging from project management to securing applications, from Terraform to Tailwind, from continuous deployment to packaging gems

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My most recent adventure in Rails involved building a real-time visualization feature, powered by Rails 7 and Hotwire technology, for a remarkable number of concurrent consumers. That project proved the productivity and low maintenance burden of applications built with Rails 7, AnyCable, Turbo, Tailwind, and Stimulus.

I have experience in all areas of full-stack application development. I have used Terraform to create Kubernetes clusters in the Google Cloud Platform, built data pipelines with Kafka and PostgreSQL, and, of course, created and maintained production Rails-based applications from Rails 2 to 7.

I currently build web-based applications with NestJS (Node) and React via Typescript. I am particularly proud at how quickly I am able to adapt to different paradigms and techniques.

Take a look at my Github, I also have experience in Elixir and the Phoenix framework. I’m learning Swift; all to say that I’m always eager to improve my craft through any type of project.