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I started as a hardware engineer in highschool. I found quickly that the problems that required solving were much larger than just hardware. Languages within computers dictated our interactions and cultures. I found it necessary to learn how to serve individual requests in order to help build interfaces so that human issues in the workplace could be addressed. My first big self-starter project without guidance was the automation of my department's invoice processing and billing. From there, I joined various jobs, looking for the opportunity to provide such a great impact again. My journey took me to a children's daycare (providing staff with searchable and accessible information on students), to an auditing company (for the DoE and state of NJ as an analyst), to a global engineering firm (where I produced a number of applications, interfaces, software, and automation products), and a sales/warehousing company (providing technical support issues while giving tools to salesmen). I am the CEO and sole proprietor of TechIT - a computer repair company located at