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I've been a professional developer for almost 20 years and so I've been around the block a few times and gained a lot of experience from different areas. After my Comp Sci degree I began as a computational linguist, applying NLP and ML to language analysis. Then I moved into data processing with Python and desktop applications in Java Swing. For approximately 12 years I've worked on web-applications for various clients, primarily in Ruby-on-Rails, NodeJS, but also in PHP. In that time I've also implemented several iOS apps. My portfolio goes in to specific details on the sorts of projects and tech-stacks I've been involved with.

I've been enjoying Rails development a lot and where I push myself nowadays is improving application performance, typically by using better caching strategies, database optimisation, and architectural changes.

I am happy to be involved from product genesis all the way through to product delivery. I know from experience that the long hard road is in fact in application maintenance and general product evolution. Therefore I can help clients with improving their existing apps, adding new features, or fixing bugs.