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Ruby on Rails Developer, PostgreSQL, lover of QA and testing!

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Before transitioning into the technical industry, I worked as a plant bioscientist. I have several years of research, document writing, and problem solving experience from a scientific perspective and am eager to apply my background to the software industry.

I completed Turing School of Software and Design's Back-End program, which teaches Ruby on Rails in a fast-paced learning environment for 7 months. I continue to volunteer my time as a tutor to current Turing students. I also work as a part-time technical onboarding instructor there, helping incoming students grasp some programming basics prior to their first day of full-time enrollment so they can hit the ground running.

Through my studies, I found a love of writing tests, fixing bugs, and generally having the opportunity to dig around and figure out how things work! I would be excited about a role that focuses on quality assurance. I'm also interested in database work, data analytics, or other related positions. But honestly, I "accidentally" ended up in plant bioscience, so I'd be open to "accidentally" falling into a technical career path I may not have considered! You never know if you love something until you try it!