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Full-Stack Rails Developer | Teacher @ Le Wagon | Former Marketing Lead

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I’m a Junior Web Developer looking for freelancing contracts.

💻 Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Stimulus, Boostrap, Tailwind, design on Figma, deployment on Heroku.
🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸 I speak French, English, and Spanish

While working as a Marketing lead, I decided to deepen my skillset by learning how to code. I’ve completed Le Wagon Full-Stack Bootcamp and I’m now teaching and assisting students in their learning journey.

As a marketer, I worked with a wide range of industries. I led a diverse set of tasks from planning the launch of new products to designing and writing compelling content, building landing pages, organizing events, and analyzing data to make better decisions. I’m versatile, a fast learner, and always up to try something new.

My academic background in Political Science gives me a unique perspective on how to drive results and meet business goals.

With these experiences, I can bridge the gap between data-driven, creative, and technical thinking.

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