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Hey thanks for checking out my profile, I am a full-stack software engineer who specializes in Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, and Turbo Native to build high-quality web and mobile applications.
Based out of Austin, TX, I have worked remotely with many companies from startups to enterprise applications, my latest project was designing a new service and feature enabling storage sales at Sunpower a solar panel company doing 1b in sales.

My services include updating Rails versions, refactoring and optimizing code, adding test coverage, designing and developing Full Stack features including API Integrations, custom forms, chats and video calls, and many more features.

I use the best coding practices and stay up to date with new updates in the Rails community as well as contributing to libraries that I use and finding ways to improve them. Early in the release of Hotwire. I contributed by adding a change that would allow broadcasting HTML directly from the model rather than using a partial this allows using other HTML rendering libraries like View Component and broadcasting to the page using Hotwire, I have also worked on many other new additions to the library by giving feedback, writing tests and improving documentation.