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Talented Developer With Expertise In Ruby on Rails, TailwindCSS, Hotwire

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Hi there! I'm a seasoned full-stack software engineer based in Austin, TX, specializing in Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, and Turbo Native. With a track record of remote work spanning from startups to enterprise projects, I bring expertise in crafting high-quality web and mobile applications.

Recently, I led a project at Sunpower, a major solar panel company, where I developed a new service and feature facilitating storage sales, contributing to their billion-dollar sales.

My services cover a range of tasks, from updating Rails versions to optimizing code, boosting test coverage, and designing and implementing full-stack features like API integrations, custom forms, chats, and video calls.

I'm committed to best coding practices and staying updated with the latest in the Rails community. I actively contribute to libraries I use, like Hotwire, where I've enhanced functionality by enabling direct HTML broadcasting from models, enhancing flexibility with rendering libraries like View Component, and improving documentation.