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Full stack Engineer, Rails & React

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As a passionate and dedicated developer with over five years of experience in the field, I have a strong foundation in various programming languages and have worked on a range of projects across different platforms. While I have less than a year of experience with Ruby on Rails, I am eager to learn and grow in this technology and am confident in my ability to quickly pick up new skills.

In my previous roles, I have contributed to the development of Android apps, created backend systems using Node.js, and worked on frontend projects using frameworks such as React. I am a team player and enjoy collaborating with others to bring innovative ideas to life.

Currently, I am focused on building SaaS products and am excited to apply my skills to this area of development. I am a fast learner and thrive in dynamic environments where I can continuously improve and expand my expertise. I am looking for opportunities to join a team where I can contribute my skills and learn from experienced professionals.