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Marketing focused technical generalist

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We might be a great fit if you value:

  • speed and grit over slow and methodical
  • buying over building
  • using tried and true technologies over bleeding edge technologies
  • team spirit over lone wolf engineering

My time as a Growth Engineer helped me implement technical solutions for marketing and sales campaigns, which involved data-driven decision making, creative and out of the box thinking, and a user-focused working style with as tight of a feedback loop as possible.

I'm passionate about marketing! It's the perfect creative outlet for an engineer like me who gets a kick out of "surprise and delight" but also "undersell, overdeliver".

I can't stop building things, which is why I'm here on railsdevs! I'm interested in working on new problems that wouldn't have occurred to me working alone. Here are a few that I run as free SaaS products:


Things I'd love to help you with:
- Extracting a marketing site out of an existing rails application
- Improving the efficiency of your CI pipeline
- Integrating your application with various CRMs (Salesforce, Marketo, etc.)