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I've been using Ruby since 2014. I use it as my go-to data toolkit. For more than ten years I've built products related to capturing and analyzing product pricing data for clients in the tire and wheel industry. This involves managing tens of millions of product records each week from several hundred sources -- Ruby helps get it to our client's doorsteps through flat files, web apps, and APIs. I regularly work closely with stakeholders from massive companies and manage other developers. I'm good at communicating and I like being the solution glue.

Originally I wanted to be a music teacher. That didn't work out, and it's for the best. I love teaching Ruby instead.

These days I'm looking to surround myself with other Rubyists more and less advanced than myself. I keep up with Rails and have written a few useful internal or B2B applications that have been generating value for people for years, but have not worked on a publicly deployed SaaS-style application. I have 10+ years of experience reverse engineering websites, so while I don't have as much practical experience building massive e-commerce and SaaS sites, I am very fluent with what goes on behind them.

Experience with Ruby, including Sequel, Kiba, and Rails, Python including Scrapy, and Javascript. Nearly all of my 10+ years of database experience is rooted in MS SQL Server.

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