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Software Engineer specialized in Ruby on Rails

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Hi, I am Eloy, a Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails.

I've worked both in mid and large Rails applications, either monoliths or services, started projects from zero and took over the maintenance of large systems.

Not only that, but I love to understand the objectives that the company is trying to accomplish to be able to not only create the correct solution, but to deliver the most complete one. I'm a business-oriented engineer.

Besides Rails, I have experience with Golang implementing services to support monolithic applications and with JavaScript for developing frontend solutions.

But not everything is programming languages. I have experience working with distributed systems and all the issues of working with them, dealing with race conditions, creating idempotent jobs/events, monitoring, error handling, etc.

I enjoy working on open source from time to time too,you can check [here]( an example of something I did recently, so you can check how I usually work (document what I'm going to do and keep track of the progress)