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20+ years writing code. I'm now focused on Rails and Hotwire.

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During my career, I worked in so many projects and companies and teams which gave me experience in every stage of the SDLC and where I was able to prove myself as a capable and versatile professional and a valuable asset, bringing an owner's mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit to every project. I also was blessed to make tons of friends and end up with an amazing professional network.

Also, as a solo consultant and entrepreneur, I was able to upskill my managerial and soft skills, as a team leader, project manager, Co-founder of an HR Consulting company, and also as Chief of Operations in a software development company.

Here's my experience In a Nutshell, since 2002:
- Code experience using Ruby, Python, Java, C, ShellScript, Php, Javascript, SQL and Delphi.
- Managed and worked with Relational and Non-Relational databases.
- Entrepreneurial/Ownership mindset, since day one.
- Worked alone as a contractor/consultant or as part of a team in permanent roles.
- Conducted projects from ideation to deployment and maintenance.
- Good communication and problem-solving skills.
- Good at Interacting with users and stakeholders.
- Experienced in all the SDLC steps.
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.