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Passionate full-stack developer proficient in React and Ruby on Rails

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Hello, I am Taiwo Adediran, a Full-stack web developer, who graduated from, Microverse a remote software development school where I and many other students from all around the world learn by collaborating and building projects ranging from simple web pages to complex web apps using JavaScript, React and Ruby-on-rails. After watching several front-end development practice videos on youtube, I fell in love with software development and I decided to enroll in a school that creates a successful path to becoming a Full-stack developer by building several projects.

I have volunteered as a team member in an energy competition where we provided energy solutions for countries and made it to the semi-final stage, today I use the skill gained from these achievements and experiences like effective communication, value addition, punctuality, participation, and problem-solving in my developer journey every day. I love that as a developer, I get to meet a lot of people and I can also add value to them. I have built a couple of projects since joining Microverse, some of them include a Bookstore, a to-do application, an event website, a movie display website, and many more.

In my free time, I watch anime, read books, view artwork, watch or play soccer or make artwork myself

Frontend: JavaScript, React, Redux, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS
Backend: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL
Tools/Methods: Git, GitHub, TDD, Chrome Dev tools, RSpec, Jest, Netlify
Professional: Remote Pair-programming, Teamwork, Mentoring, Effective communication, Problem-solving

Having worked with many other developers remotely and contributed to different projects using the same tools as with your company for the last six months as a software developer, I am confident that I will be a great addition to the team if given the chance.

Looking for a software developer? Let's schedule a meeting. Email me at, Thank you