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As a recent graduate of Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp in Marseille, i am eager to pursue my passion for web development, contribute and growing in this field while continuing to develop my skills.

Although i don't have any prior professional experience, i have gained valuable skills through Le Wagon. I have learned Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Stimulus, and i am currently learning React as well as Redux on Udemy. In addition, during my studies, i collaborated with three classmates to create a website for our final project. Through this experience, i gained proficiency in using Git and GitHub for collaboration, and i had the opportunity to present our project in front of an audience of about 80 people.

I am a quick learner, self-motivated, and able to work effectively in a team environment. Furthermore, my ability to speak and write in Chinese, English, French, and other languages enables me to communicate effectively with clients and teammates from around the world.

I am currently seeking job opportunities that will allow me to continue expanding my skillset and knowledge. I'm excited about the prospect of contributing to a team and continuing to learn in a professional setting.