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Senior Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails - Hotwire - React

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I am a software engineer, programming mentor, and tech intrapreneur. I specialize in building elegant and functional web solutions, primarily using Ruby on Rails.

I've spent the last 10 years helping tech companies make the world a better place.

In addition to lead entire projects from conception to shipping, I've demonstrated excellent communication skills. Through years of experience, I've engaged in articulate discussions, both written and verbal, with fellow developers, project collaborators, and stakeholders. My track record includes skillfully presenting complex technical concepts, contributing to detailed technical documentation, and fostering clear communication channels crucial for streamlined collaboration in software development projects.

I have also showcased robust leadership skills by overseeing and managing a team of fellow software developers, steering daily operations within the technical domain. My experience extends to offering guidance and support to team members, establishing performance standards, delivering constructive feedback, and adeptly addressing challenges as they emerge. Additionally, I have taken an active role in mentoring junior developers and nurturing aspiring talents within the software development field.

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