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Passionate Full-stack software developer with hands-on experience in pair programming and crafting tangible projects using JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL. With over seven years of experience in the fast-paced healthcare industry and as a former canvasser for MTN Ghana, I honed my ability to excel under pressure and communicate effectively.

Before entering the software development world, I worked as a lab technician at Episodic Healthcare, where I gained essential skills such as problem-solving, multitasking, and effective communication This unique blend of experiences led me to receive the Most Dedicated Long-serving Employee award at Episodic Healthcare, a testament to my commitment.

In my most recent role as a frontend intern at TechnoHacks, I implemented a registration form with input validation, resulting in a significant 40% decrease in user registration errors. Currently, I'm actively involved in two impactful projects: an EasyRide mobile app built with Flutter, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL, which connect users with local drivers, and a doctor appointment website created with React, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL, offering a way for users to find doctors online.