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Most of my career has focused on building products for fast-growing startups.
I've had leadership responsibilities in my eleven years career, but I've mostly worked with Ruby on Rails and Javascript (React most recently).
I am proficient at understanding the needs of end users and making trade-offs between thes needs of the business, the dev team, and the code base. I've built the initial product of four startups and worked in dozens of codebases.
During my career sometimes I had to code a product from scratch in Python and jQuery, in another case by rebuilding an MVP in Rails and React, and in another case by forking an existing Rails application and then adding a couple of React applications in front of it.
Those efforts led to companies that lasted for years, grew several Xs, and a couple that eventually sold off.
My accomplishments include:
* Building and launching a crowdfunding and ticketing platform in less than six months without experience building web apps. This platform would go and fund several projects with thousands of users.
* Switching from Python(Django) to Ruby(Rails) in the span of a small project that eventually became a new business.
* Designing and implementing a home cleaning services marketplace in less than four months. That included an algorithm to match hundreds of providers with end users considering location, experience, rating, and skills and returned results in less than a second.
* Stabilizing and maintaining that marketplace platform so successfully that it ran profitably without any tech support for months and was eventually sold to a larger company.
* Picking up a couple of React and Rails and React applications with little support from previous maintainers and becoming productive in them in a matter of days.
* Leading the team that built an MVP in less than a month to spin off a company into a profitable new business.
* Hiring and leading a team of senior engineers, all of whom have invited me to work with them on various occasions.
I love writing useful software, especially in Ruby, because it focuses on programmer productivity and happiness. I also believe in never stopping improving; I'm an avid reader of technology content(books and articles). It has become a habit of mine to do tutorials or courses on various tech topics.
I've worked remotely for three years and am comfortable in a fast-paced, asynchronous work environment.