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5 years XP | Rails & React | Full Stack Product Engineer

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I am a seasoned Rails dev with a diverse background in communication, product design and development. I am looking for new opportunities!

As a freelance for over 5 years, I have covered most of the web development spectrum, from server-side logic and database design to crafting functional, user-friendly interfaces in both new and legacy projects. Whether it's troubleshooting issues, introducing new features, or optimizing code, I've been instrumental in creating products that not only meet business objectives but also leave users delighted.

With a strong grasp of the technical and commercial aspects of product development, I can communicate with stakeholders on all fronts. I also have an important international experience, having lived in 7 different countries.

I love Rails but have also experience in React too.

⌨️ Tech skills:
- Ruby / Ruby on Rails / Rspec
- Javascript / Stimulus.js / Turbo / React / AlpineJS
- PostgreSQL / Redis / Sidekiq / Goodjob
- Heroku / Github / AWS
- Responsive Design / PWA
- View components / Tailwind / Bootstrap

💡 Soft skills
- Multilingual (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese)
- Experienced in product management
- Collaborative and curious person
- Independent and reliable worker