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Pragmatic and cooperative, enterprising autodidact, valued collaborator, organizer of Amsterdam Ruby Community events.

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After finding a hole in the company website after 2 months of joining as a System Administrator, I had the possibility to change from my role into my passion: software development. That's 17 years ago.
From that moment onward, I learnt more languages (C, PHP, and amongst others my biggest love Ruby). Working with databases (most notable: MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL), containerization, ops (using Terraform on AWS, GCP mostly).

7 years ago
I discovered I am best suited to help my colleagues grow, and turned into a Rails/Ruby/database/Javascript/HTML teacher at a bootcamp, became a (part time) engineering manager.
I've been implementing in Ruby/Rails for 50% of my time for the last 2 years, the rest leading teams and advising C suite execs.

My main addition any team is improving morale, by coaching and helping to build quality software, focusing on metrics for both errors and processing time, helping engineers of any experience level grow, and - as an individual contributor, but also as a leader - to only use complex solutions if the problem domain warrants it.

Most recently
I've switched towards building my own company that aims to reduce energy consumption and CO2 footprint for households. Tiny (IOT) devices, software in C, C++, Rust, and clearly building the required backends in Rails or Rust.

Well connected:
Apart from that, I am one of the organizers of Ruby NL, for which I've been hosting EuRuKo (2019), NoRuKu (2020), and monthly community events of Amsterdam Ruby organisation If you want a platform where your engineers can present how you solve problems: Contact me!