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Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer ( RoR, Vue.js, React )

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I am a software developer and IT consultant specializing in Ruby on Rails applications.

I've been working on Ruby projects for companies in Germany, Pakistan, and remotely. My core competency is in backend of Ruby on Rails applications.

Some of the technologies I have experience in:
- Ruby, JavaScript
- Rails, Vue.js
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
- Heroku
- Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Material UI
- Building REST API's
- Background Jobs, Caching
- Authentication and authorization with Devise and Pundit
- Facebook/Google/VK API
- oAuth
- Twilio
- Geocoding
- Testing with RSpec and Minitest
- Google Maps API
- Web Scraping in Ruby with Selenium and Watir
- Hotwire including Turbo and Stimulus