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Ruby on Rails Solution Architect / Sr Software Engineer / Tech Lead / (fractional) CTO

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OpenSource e-Commerce veteran working with Ruby, Rails, Spree and Solidus frameworks for over a decade, specialised in bridging customers, leadership and development in providing high quality e-commerce stacks.

Passionate about the "boring Rails" doctrine and building and mentoring technology teams to empower them to be the best.

I am eager to contribute my expertise as a Tech Lead, Senior Rails Developer or fractional CTO.

While based in the Netherlands, I have spent nearly two decades working remotely for clients in North America. This experience has made me adept at navigating different time zones, and I find that the EST time zone offers the most ideal overlap in working hours.

My professional background is rooted in open-source e-commerce frameworks like Spree and currently Solidus, and I have a deep appreciation for the Rails idiomatic architecture and conventions. I am passionate about delivering high-quality solutions that leverage these technologies.

I am now actively seeking new challenges and projects that align with my skills and aspirations. If you have or know of any exciting opportunities that could benefit from my expertise, please feel free to reach out or connect with me. I am always open to new connections and collaborations.