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Hi, I'm a developer with 10+ years of experience working in the web platform, especially Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

I'm looking for my next gig, and I'd like to work on interesting and challenging problems with people who enjoy their work, from whom I could learn and share knowledge, technically or in a specific domain, and (ideally) get paid for it. 😉

I like to write automated tests. I feel comfortable writing all tests in the test pyramid, and I like to do TDD if the project and business domain allows it. My go-to choice is minitest, but I am okay with using RSpec. For system tests, I prefer Capybara, but I like Cypress too.

The latest projects I have been part of are on Rails 7 and 6, but I've been through projects using all major versions of Rails starting from Rails 2.3 (please don't).

I have used Turbo here and there in a couple of projects, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert on it yet. I really like it though, and I'm looking forward to going deeper. Stimulus is the one I've used the most since it came out, and I feel comfortable using it when necessary.

Available for contract work on Rails projects on a part-time basis.