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Rails Dev Goes Off the Rails, Discovers Meaning of Life in Code

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I'm a senior software developer with about 15 years of extensive hands-on experience and a demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality results. I have expertise in multiple cutting-edge web application frameworks, specifically, Ruby on Rails and Node JS. I also have good hands in frontend Javascript frameworks React JS and Angular JS.

I've recently worked with the RightInbox, a high-ranking Productivity application / Google Chrome Extension with a 4.7 rating on the Chrome Store and a feature by Google, was a project where I started as a developer and grew to become the Engineering Manager. During my time on the project, I used my advanced knowledge of Node JS to enhance the product's functionality, increase its user base, and ensure its smooth operation.

Simultaneously I developed the ZoomShift platform, a scheduling software built on Ruby on Rails. Here, my role was about active development however more focused on strategic technological choices and project delivery. Zoomshift is well-regarded for its efficiency and was even utilized during the US elections to manage the shifts of volunteers.

I've worked with FindEmails, which finds and verifies emails while you are on LinkedIn or browsing the web with the FindEmails Chrome Extension.

- Solutions
- Optimization and Performance
- Scalability
- Architecture
- Ruby on Rails
- NodeJS
- ExpressJS
- ReactJS
- AngularJS
- Bootstrap
- SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, Redis
- Stimulus
- Integration of all levels of APIs
- Selenium, RSpec, Mocha, Mini Test, Chai.JS, Sinon.JS
- Digital Ocean
- Heroku
- Render
- Action Cable and Web Sockets
- JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, CoffeeScript, TypeScript
- HTML5, HAML, Slim
- GCP, AWS, Heroku
- EC2, S3
- Puma, NGINX, Capistrano
- Elastic Search, Algolia
- Jira
- Trello
- Asana