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My name is Miguel and I am a pragmatic, keep it simple, Full Stack Ruby on Rails Web Developer. I have been working as a full time Rails developer for the past ≈4. I met Rails in the Le Wagon Web development bootcamp, and since then we stuck together.

My motto, coding is the easy part.

Nowadays, I consider myself a solid high level mid developer, on the verge of becoming a Senior developer. I have proven myself in all the places I have worked so far, always surpassing expectations. Lately I have come to realize that only having ≈4 years of experience hasn't been a problem, I have been able to overcome everything that's thrown my way, and mostly independently. In my current workplace, I naturally and unofficially became the team lead.

Along with being very pragmatic, I am an extremely organized person. I believe these characteristics help me a lot in coding. The way my mind works results in clean, well organized code, which from my experience, it's usually the main problem, how the code base quickly grows into a monster (and not the cute ones).

I have been engaged with Open Source, but lack of time is the main restriction to do more. In my CV you can see my contributions. I deeply believe in Open Source, and I think it is one of the reasons technology evolved so fast.

One of the craziest things I did as a programmer was to take on a freelance project right after I finished the bootcamp. I had very little experience at the time, but I decided to take it on. What a challenge it was to build from the ground up a full on application, and then figuring out how to deploy it to AWS, and how to configure Nginx and SSL, all the details. That was an incredible experience, which allowed me to learn a lot of Ruby on Rails, and the whole process of building an application. It didn't go without a sweat, especially because I was doing this alongside my first full time job as a Rails developer, so I was coding day and night!

Hope to talk to you soon,