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A Senior RoR Developer and technology enthusiast from heart and have a knack of solving business problems through a mixture of Engineering and Design. Worked on Java, Ruby, Groovy, Node, GraphQL, React, and MERN stack

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I started my journey in 2014 after graduating fresh out from college and getting into my first Job.

My first project was really exciting and I was fortunate enough that I got a chance to work on it, that was to build a Software application that controls the drone when it is in the air and the user can draw an Area of interest where the drone would fly and as initially, I was
the only one on the project and I myself did all the research work including the Mavlink protocol which was going to be used for communication between software and hardware, so an interesting problem I solved was implementing the custom messages that need to be sent to the bird and to cache a map on the file system So I created an algorithm to calculate the bounding box for an Area of Interest and download the map tiles in the background
so that if a user is flying the drone where the internet is unavailable then also the map is visible on the desktop application.

Then for one of the projects, I built a scoring and leaderboard engine for the same using a self-balanced binary search tree(SBBST). Detailed design is mentioned here (

Recently built recommendation algorithm for one of the product.

I am passionate about learning new tech and implementing the same also love exploring engineering blogs of tech companies to understand how exactly they solved the particular problem.

I also believe tech can make a world better place to leave, and As engineers, we pride ourselves on the ability to problem-solve. I enjoy working through problem after problem, getting a precise solution. But I feel the impact is not related to the solution we build but it is equally associated with the problem itself, So, I feel if we could simplify the problem and understand the problem itself first than start building a solution in the first place then I think we can make a better impact. But, sometimes we get so focused on solving the problem in front of us that we don’t stop to think if the problem is really is the problem.

As per my professional summary. I would like to highlight some of my skills:-
Good understanding of Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns, Object-oriented/ Functional Principles, and Software architectures.
Good communication skills and experience in working with teams of different sizes.
Knowledgeable of Backend and Frontend best practices.
Also, I would like to mention some of my achievements and contributions as well:-
Recently my blog got published in Rubyweekly's 597, 600, and 603 editions. Very popular Ruby weekly digest.
Created a library called SAUR that parses the swagger file and generates RESTLET routes (
Contributions to open-source space
Created an algorithm to calculate the player's rank and leaderboard in linear time using the Self Balanced Binary Search Tree which was used across all our igaming trivia apps (