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Ex-Wall Street suit turned Full Stack Software Engineer

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I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer with 8+ years of professional experience. While most of my experience has been in Ruby on Rails and Javascript, I've also shipped production-level projects in many other languages including Elixir, C#, Java, Python, and more!

A few projects that I'm most proud of include:
- Built a live feed that streamed 10,000+ Cryptocurrency prices per second to trading algorithms.
- Created an open-source Ruby gem to perform technical analysis on stock price data sets.
- Improve the performance and response time of monolithic Rails projects by 80%+ using edge caching.

While it's not technically a project, I'm also proud of my experience in mentoring junior engineers.

Hobbies and interests
- Golf
- Cars/motorsports
- Dogs (I'm a fur father to a 4-year-old, rescued Catahoula mix)