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Full-Stack web developer with expert-level experience in React and Ruby on Rails.

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I am a seasoned Senior Full Stack Developer with a wealth of experience and expertise in crafting dynamic web applications. Specializing in React and boasting proficiency in a diverse range of back-end languages and frameworks. My extensive journey includes successfully steering projects through the complete development lifecycle, showcasing prowess in software architecture, coding, design, testing, and deployment.

Throughout my tenure at Rapid Panda as a Full Stack Freelance Developer since February 2012, I have demonstrated a command of technologies such as JAM Stack, Ruby on Rails, Node, and React. I excel in client consultation, consistently delivering responsive, standards-driven websites that not only meet but exceed expectations. My contributions have notably increased SEO traffic and streamlined maintenance costs for the projects under my purview.

In recent roles, such as Senior Full Stack Developer at Realquantum and Clearbit, I continued to make impactful strides. From implementing custom Auth0 integrations and enhancing code quality to developing tailored solutions like a customized Google Static Maps for PDF usage, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation.

My career reflects a pattern of excellence, marked by contributions to codebase improvements, innovative project implementations, consuming 3rd party APIs and successful team mentorship. With a robust skill set covering frontend and backend technologies, cloud platforms, and database management, I am a dedicated and accomplished Senior Full Stack Developer.