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AWS Certified Developer Associate - 2019 Validation Number: F0WQ9XC1EEB41F3J
Preparing for AWS DevOps Professional Certification.
Worked in agile methodologies and participate in Scrum to develop and deliver the requested and committed product increments
Over 12 years of experience in building scalable applications in JRuby/Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
Solid understanding of Web 2.0 technologies HTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript ( ES5 and ES6 ).
Over 4.5 years of experience in building applications with Node Js.
Worked with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Lambda, SNS, SQS, S3, DynamoDB, Serverless, and Cognito.
Worked with multiple source control repositories like Git, SVN, and Perforce.
Designed database schema and experienced in PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
Experience in Elastic Search Engine and Sphinx and worked with NoSQL databases – DynamoDB, MongoDB.
Worked on Caching server Redis and Memcached.
Experience with Javascript Testing framework Jasmine, Cucumber js, and have experience in web scraping using Puppeteer