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Pragmatic engineer with 7+ years experience with Rails and 12+ years software engineering

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Highly motivated software engineer with a breadth of full stack experience working directly with product owners, executive teams, and key stakeholders to engineer reliable, high uptime solutions to their core business needs. Served as the lead engineer on a multitude of projects including both legacy and greenfield software builds. Hired and mentored multiple junior engineers over my career.

I started my software engineering career 12 years ago at a small startup in Boulder, CO. From there I have had a strong passion for working with small teams. Throughout my tenure I have worked with multiple backend and frontend frameworks. Most notably over the last 7 years I have specialized in Ruby on Rails paired with both React and VueJS front-ends.

My talents shine thru in my ability to communicate effectively not only with technical assets but with people throughout any organization I work in. I love working with stakeholders across the business to get down to the root of solutions we need. I find that being able to discuss technical problems at a high level directly with stakeholders enables me to get closer to the best solution for any business problem.