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Hello, I'm 30 years old. I'm living in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil with my mother.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering. During the course, I did an Engineering internship where I piloted the company's drone. Then, I had the opportunity to go on an exchange program in the United States for 6 months to improve my English. Arriving back in Brazil, I moved to another state to work as a planning analyst. At the beginning of last year, I decided that I wanted to change my life, so I took a Web Development full stack course in Ruby on Rails at Le Wagon. During the course, I learned several tools such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and Ruby on Rails, but I also learned how to work in a group, dividing tasks and, mainly, asking questions when necessary. It was an intense course in which I pushed my limits to overcome the Programming barriers.

At the end of the course, I was invited by the manager to be part of Le Wagon's Ruby on Rails teaching team. I was very excited about this opportunity, as I was the only student to have this privilege. I started working as a teacher in the following month, giving some classes, helping students with their questions regarding the challenges, and at the end, supporting the students' final projects, which is to develop a complete website in Rails. 5 months later, I joined the team of teachers at Le Wagon Amsterdam. It was a unique experience working with people from different cultures and different accents, but, in the end, I was highly praised by everyone.

Today I am looking for a job within a company where I can grow not only professionally, but also personally, a place that challenges me with new projects that will make me leave my comfort zone, because right now, as a teacher, I am reviewing a lot of concepts. I want to really explore the entire realm of Programming.

I hope I can talk a little more about myself soon.

Thank you so much.