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Ruby developer since early 2000s

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Great at refactoring, audit and developing of legacy apps as well as building apps from scratch with modern Ruby and Rails.

Focused primarily on back-end, having an understanding of front-end as well. A fan of DRY, DSLs, Rails Engines and Active Record. Not a big fan of SPA, micro-services as well as extensive front-end development or DevOps chores.

Can bring your decade old outdated MVP back to life step by step without rewriting it from scratch or hiring a new team. Normally you have two choices: 1) a legacy team considering their creation to be great as it is or 2) a new one telling you that the app should be thrown in the trash and replaced with a brand new one using their hyping shiny tools.

Able to learn your legacy app in days — without a documentation or help of former developers if abandoned.

Can learn your favorite frameworks on my own and jump in fast. Can use a lot of secondary languages for audit or bug-fixing on an occasional basis.

  • Audit
  • Refactoring
  • Optimization
  • Code review
  • Application architecture
  • Team leading
  • Mentoring

Experienced in working with international fully remote teams.

English: C1
Spanish: A2