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Mid-level Ruby Developer Who Can Work Autonomously

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I'm a Self-taught Software Developer currently employed professionally by a British plc. I have 12+ months professional developer experience and have been developing for around two and a half years.

My first foray into development was with The Odin Project where I completed the Full-Stack Ruby Track. I hold a degree in Civil Engineering but decided being a Developer was more appealing!

I have completed many different side projects to sharpen my skills. I typically like to use Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, StimulusJS and TailwindCSS for any web projects as I find this is the most productive (and enjoyable!) tech stack.

Professionally, I use ASP.NET and C# and I also write a fair amount of SQL. There's also a long list of other stuff I've used but best to keep this brief. My preference is Ruby on Rails hence why I am here 😄

Being self-taught has meant I am at ease figuring out problems autonomously but I also enjoy working with and learning from others!

If you think we'd be a good fit then I'd love to hear from you.

Best regards,