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Senior Back End Ruby on Rails Engineer in Sydney Australia

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I have been working daily with Ruby on Rails for 5 years. I write code that is performant, clean and well tested. I have domain experience in the Fintech, Healthcare and Courier industries. I have worked with REST and GraphQL and with AWS Microservices.

I know how to
- work with Models, Views and Controllers. I've used erb, haml and slim at the view layer.
- add tables and columns (I also recommend the Strong Migrations gem). I am most familiar with Postgresql as the database layer
- construct performant queries to minimise database calls, using includes, joins, where and scopes. (I recommend the Bullet gem)
- use service objects to perform tasks consistently, and where appropriate to provide a wrapper layer for simple use and testing.
- use workers to perform asynchronous tasks
- design and manage API service to send / receive data to and from the Front End (or Mobile app) as both REST and GraphQL
- work with AWS services such as Lambdas, S3 and SQS, using client libraries where appropriate
- interact with external APIs, typically using libraries such as HTTParty and rest-client
- write excellent tests that are thorough, performant and importantly; document the intent of the code under test. I have used RSpec in my professional work.
- give good PR feedback in a manner that is constructive, clear and kind
- work with CI Pipelines. I have used Bitbucket, Github and Buildkite
- manage rubocop to align developer styles
- mentor junior staff

I love the work that I do, and I am really lucky that I really enjoy working for the company I currently work for. I am not looking for full-time work, only for part-time contracting opportunities.

I worked for many years as an Electrical Engineer working with electronics and renewable power before making a transition into Software Engineering. The problem solving skills I used then are still useful now.