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Software engineer by passion, appasionate on digital transofrmation, digital bank and technology implementation on massive proccess.

💾 I love building and promoting projects, which is why I have worked for 9 years in the creation of three companies and with multiple startups at the local level.

📈 Challenging goals empower what I can deliver. If it's achievable, that's where I want to be. This is the methodology that I implement to empower my work teams.

🏢 Working for companies outside the country taught me a world of possibilities that can be implemented locally to improve many financial processes.

📣 As a consultant, I have supported 15 digital transformation processes, 5 of them financially based. I like to focus on the user and the experience they have from the product they receive.

✒️I love to read, but even more to write. Every week I write a daily article for Portare, I have been doing it since December without fail.