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I'm a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer with an M.S.c in Computer Science with 6+ years of experience developing commercial applications using Ruby on Rails.

During my career, I have successfully developed numerous projects of varying complexity in domains such as CRM, e-commerce, agriculture, crypto, insurance, and more.

Core Qualifications:
- Design, development, and support of numerous web applications sharing the technology stack with Ruby on Rails;
- Frontend solutions: Hotwire, Stimulus, React;
- Databases design and optimization: MySQL, PostgreSQL;

- Search engines: Thinking Sphinx, ElasticSearch;
- Geolocation search integration: PostGIS, Google Maps;
- Background processing: Resque, Delayed Job, Sidekiq;
- 3rd party API integrations;
- Payments and subscription: Stripe, PayPal;
- Marketing: Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Ads, GTM;
- Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google;
- Testing using RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber;
- Deployment, provisioning, and containerization: Docker, Heroku, AWS;
- Application tests coverage and CI/CD configuration: CircleCI, GitHub Actions.