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Senior Engineer with 13 years of Ruby on Rails experience

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Senior Ruby on Rails engineer with 10+ years of experience developing web applications for start-ups and small businesses on Toptal/Upwork/Braintrust, delivering well-tested, quality, efficient, reusable, and maintainable solutions. I'm experienced with all development lifecycle phases, from technical specification and architecture design to implementation, QA, and monitoring. Proactive, independent and focused on providing business value on time and budget using the right tools. M.Sc. in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology, Upwork-certified Ruby on Rails Developer, and Toptal-vetted core developer.

My skills:
- Ruby on Rails (10+ years of experience)
- RSpec, Capybara, FactoryBot (strong TDD practitioner)
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
- Sidekiq, Resque, DelayedJob
- Hotwire Turbo, Stimulus, React
- TailwindCSS, Bootstrap
- Stripe, Twilio, AWS S3, AWS SES, AWS SNS, AWS KMS integrations
- CI: GitHub Actions, CircleCI, SemaphoreCI
- DevOps: Docker, AWS ECS, AWS Beanstalk, Heroku