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Full-Stack Rails developer based in Switzerland. Fluent in English and German.

I have a breadth of experience in software development (8 years - ruby on rails), server management (15 years - networks, security and Unix/Linux systems) and teaching (6 years - computer science, math and physics).

In the last six months, I have had the following successes:

  • we have a reporting engine that needed upgrading in oder to allow us to upgrade rails. This required deep exploration of ActiveRecord to migrate away from abandoned private APIs and rely on public APIs.

  • we interact with many external systems and our data exchange mechanisms are very flexible. This is attractive from a business perspective since we can accommodate many scenarios, unfortunately, it is complex to setup, maintain, and test. I was was able to update the standard config making it easy to setup, maintain and test - while allowing flexibility as needed. Now this aspect of the product and business has transformed from a necessary evil to an easy to configure revenue source.

Previously, I wrote one of our most common document exchange adapters - which had an undocumented REST API, but with collaboration from the external partner and by reverse engineering their .net code, we successfully integrated with their system.

Given my current involvement in this large code base, I have been exploring Shopify's 'packwerk' gem and dependency inversion to help minimize how much code we need to keep in mind while working.

I am a tenacious problem-solver while keeping business needs in mind. The two things that bring me joy are:

  • the rush from solving a problem - especially when others avoid it and deem it hard/messy.
  • ruth rush from solving a business problem - better than even envisioned by the end-user

I love coding, learning, challenges and a thoughtful colleagues open to ideas and discussions.