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Senior Fullstack Female LGBTQIA Software Engineer

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I love exploring the ins and outs of a problem, and figuring out where I can pick it apart and expose weaknesses. I started my career with SQL chops and made my way into tech via a data-focused QA team.

After a few years, I wanted more and went to bootcamp to learn how to build the applications I was testing. Now I've been a full stack developer for a few years, always carrying my QA mindset with me.

I'm really great at building relationships with stakeholders, establishing trust and cooperation so that we can all move forward with a project in a very pragmatic way.

Projects I've been and am still working on include:

  • Brain Image Library: a publicly-funded large-scale image repository of brain scans of various species. My personal project has been bringing the experience of working on a product team to an academic project to solve challenges in our user-generated content workflow, guiding the users to give us the correct metadata schemas to fit the images they're storing with us. Ingestion of 10k+ line multi-tab excel files quickly, automating data validation, issuing of DOIs and breaking down a monolithic structure into service APIs where appropriate.

  • West Dermatology: a rebranding overhaul of a network of over a dozen recently-acquired disparate Rails-based CMS dermatological practice websites to one unified branding and appointment scheduling scheme.

  • Episcopal General Convention: Management and overhaul of an 8-app ecosystem of the Episcopal Church used for the management of church legislative processes, election of bishops, scheduling of meetings, coordination of housing, appointment of positions within the church and general administrative tasks.

  • Leafyard: UK-based SaaS application focusing on user mental health and CMS offering video, audio, and journaling practice in Course & Chapter increments to guide the user through scientifically-backed content to promote better mental health.

  • ACCESS: a publicly-funded network of infrastructure and applications to bring supercomputing infrastructure to the research community. Specific projects include Allocations Portal, where researchers with grants are allocated for time and support in using supercomputing or other cyber infrastructure, and CyberInfrastructure Description Repository: a catalog of available computing and cyber infrastructure available to the research community.