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I solve real problems coding. I have build and successfully sold a startup.

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I’m a computer/data scientist who has evolved to a forward-thinking entrepreneur. For 10+ years I’ve built and empowered high-performance, company-wide teams at pre-IPO companies like Despegar and Navent.

In 2016, I branched out on my own as a Co-Founder/CTO building a LatAm crypto/fintech startup to a 150+ team operating in 5 countries. Sesocio was acquired in 2021 by, one of the leading crypto companies in the world, and I led and oversaw the entire M&A process.

Currently, I focus on delivering incisive technological consulting to drive swift and substantial transformations. My methodology is rooted in a deep understanding of each client's unique business challenges, coupled with a swift application of targeted technological solutions for immediate impact. I excel in scenarios that demand rapid, significant change rather than drawn-out processes. My objective is always to find and utilize the optimal technological leverage point, propelling companies into their next evolutionary stride.