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Full-stack Ruby on Rails developer since 2006

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Since 2006, I've dedicated my career to full-stack Ruby on Rails development, starting with the 0.9b version of Rails and harnessing the full potential of the Rails stack. Over the past decade, I've collaborated with a proficient team of 3 developers to efficiently tackle sizable projects, ensuring swift deliveries. Presently, we are actively seeking new clients and projects, preferably in Ruby on Rails.

With clients primarily situated in the US, our collaborative approach involves working closely with a US-based project manager who liaises directly with the clients. We pride ourselves on providing extensive and enduring support to guarantee the ongoing functionality and relevance of our software. Notably, our oldest project, now 12 years running, stands as a testament to our commitment to long-term client satisfaction.

In our daily operations, we leverage the complete Rails stack, integrating either PostgreSQL or MySQL. Our development process is meticulous, characterized by well-organized code and comprehensive testing, employing RSpec and Capybara for robust and reliable results.