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I'm a developer with 16+ years of practical, real-world, customer-focused development work

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I’m a Rubyist of 12+ years, primarily acting as a senior developer and running operations for Noko (Freckle) Time Tracking. I specialize in maintaining and refactoring legacy applications; fixing up existing code to take advantage of the meteoric jumps of modern, evergreen browsers.

I also love doing customer support, developer relations, build-chain improvements, and engineering management.

Thomas Cannon is an excellent full stack Rails dev, and not afraid to get his hands dirty with ops, support, or documentation (and he's good at it, too!). Beyond his deep knowledge and technical chops, he's a joy to work with… thorough, considerate, always up for a challenge, always taking in new information and ready to update his approach. He leads and gets things done.
- Amy Hoy (of 30x500 fame!)