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Principal Engineer building scalable Ruby on Rails web applications since 2006

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Senior Software Engineer – Technical Leader – Principal Engineer

As a Senior Software Engineer with 16+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails web development and scaling, I bring a wealth of technical expertise to the table. My hands-on and collaborative leadership style has proven effective in managing projects and teams for more than 12 years.

I have a strong track record in fast-paced startups, working closely with the CTO and across multiple R&D teams. Self-driven and responsible, I excel at taking ownership of the technical vision and roadmap. I am experienced in working autonomously, with full accountability for complex projects and applications.

My focus is on building reliable, future-proof systems, and I have experience maintaining complex applications in regulated environments with high requirements for data security and reliability. I bring a passion for innovation and problem-solving to early startups, helping them grow by introducing practical solutions and structure. I am able to adapt to change and make informed technology investments that align with company goals.

I follow agile methodologies and value collaboration. I view planning and whiteboarding sessions as opportunities to share knowledge and build trust with the team through honest retrospectives in a safe environment.

In addition to my technical skills, I have a passion for mentorship and enjoy coaching and training junior developers. I am active in the Ruby community, a maintainer of open source projects, and a top contributor on Stack Overflow with over 2,000 answered Ruby and Rails questions.