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Conscientious full-stack Ruby on Rails engineer

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I'm a conscientious full-stack engineer experienced with Ruby on Rails and multiple JavaScript frameworks. I'm compassionate, methodical, love to problem-solve, and enjoy learning from the example and feedback of my team. I become deeply dedicated to the people I work with.

I'm comfortable in an Agile environment, working closely with a small but mighty engineering team and customer support, fixing bugs, owning new features, and taking on gnarly refactors with many dependencies. I enjoy working on greenfield projects and legacy codebases alike.

I learned to code so I could build and contribute to technical solutions for social issues. I've since applied my skills to platforms for animal welfare, nonprofit fundraising, and gender equality. My most recent project is, a platform that customizes ebooks, allowing readers to change the genders of characters in classic children's books like Winnie-the-Pooh and Peter Pan.

I got my start in web development in 2016 through Dev Bootcamp, an innovative and immersive educational experience that emphasized emotional intelligence as well as the growth mindset and skills to teach ourselves anything, undaunted by initial confusion and overwhelm. It gave me unshakeable faith in my ability to learn new tools and adapt to unfamiliar stacks.