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Rails and automation consultant with 24 years of web development experience

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I’ve helped teams and companies save thousands of hours ($60K+) per year by automating manual tasks, speeding up daily workflows and Rails test suites, and eliminating unnecessary meetings.

Here are some examples of time savings I made:

  • 8 weeks/year by speeding up test suites
  • 7 weeks/year by speeding up regularly-used internal scripts
  • 4 weeks/year by automating recurring manual tasks
  • 10 weeks/year by eliminating and shortening meetings
  • 3 weeks/year by automating the setup of a new Mac so that new engineers can be up and running within minutes of opening their new laptop with a complete dev environment, all their Mac apps, fonts, macOS preferences, and GitHub repos. I've now turned this into a paid product called Ruby on Mac that's averaging $3.4k/month.

You are likely losing time and money every day right now at your company. I can identify these losses for you and create a detailed report with recommendations. You can then choose to implement them yourself, hire someone else, or hire me.

In addition to automation consulting, I also provide Rails app maintenance contracts. I've updated and maintained multiple Rails apps over the past 9 years, including some with millions of users. Note that I only maintain apps that have an existing robust test suite, or a dedicated QA team. Writing tests is not a service I provide at this time.