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Experienced Senior Ruby Developer | Backend Specialist | Product Integrator

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I am a seasoned Senior Ruby Developer with over 13 years of experience in backend development, but I also enjoy tackling frontend challenges. My journey began in 2011 with C++ and quickly transitioned to Ruby on Rails, where I have honed my skills in creating robust, scalable applications.

I am particularly proud of my recent work, where I optimized data integrations with marketplaces and enhanced high-load features like the CSV/YML import functionality. Leading the product integration with Yandex Market from concept to release was a significant milestone, showcasing my ability to handle complex projects under tight deadlines.

My unique strengths lie in my autonomy and self-discipline, developed over more than seven years of remote work. I thrive in both solo and team environments, excelling at decomposing and detailing tasks to maximize efficiency. My role often extends to mentoring colleagues, fostering group communication, and ensuring that project goals are met seamlessly.

I am passionate about solving challenging problems and bringing order to chaotic processes, ensuring that everything is clear and organized. While my spoken English is still a work in progress, my ability to read and comprehend technical material is strong. I am committed to continuous learning and improvement, always seeking innovative solutions to complex issues.