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Sabelo Ndebele is a prolific Software Engineer with over a decade of experience in developing robust software solutions for high-volume businesses. He has a strong background in business analysis, project management, and software development lifecycle. Currently based in Johannesburg, Sabelo has demonstrated expertise in leading teams to deliver integrated, highly transactional business applications that enhance efficiency, decision-making, and infrastructure security. His technical skills encompass a wide range of technologies including Java, Python, JavaScript, and various database and web server platforms.

Sabelo's professional journey includes significant roles at major companies such as BMW South Africa and AWS, where he contributed to critical projects like improving CI/CD pipelines, migrating platforms, and developing features for EC2 APIs. His efforts have consistently led to performance improvements and increased system security. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and Informatics from the University of Johannesburg and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate. Sabelo is driven by challenges and is continually seeking opportunities to further develop his analytical and technical skills in dynamic environments.