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MBA in Technology Management | Product & Engineering Manager

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Experienced Engineering Manager with an extensive backend engineering background and a passion for programming and leadership. Proven as both a developer bringing innovative software solutions to the hands of users, as well as a leader who builds and mentors development teams. A motivated learner who is excited to gain experience with new technologies as well as sharpen existing skills.

I measure my success by combining how the team is productive and what impact we make on the customer's business. I tend to celebrate wins and turn failures into lessons. I value people’s honesty, critical thinking, continuous improvement, and constructive feedback. I really appreciate openness and always encourage team members to accept & share feedback, both up and down, in order to be transparent with each other. In order to be transparent with the team, I created A Guide to me & how I approach collaboration (

I like sharing knowledge and truly believe that it has the best quality only if it’s intended to be for free. Participated as:
- Mentor on Rails Teens by #pivorak (Dec 2018)
- Mentor on Rails Girls by #pivorak (Mar 2019)
- Lecturer on Ruby Summer Course by #pivorak 2019
- Lecturer on Ruby Summer Course by #pivorak 2021